TK Orthodontic Lab                                                   

655 W. 14 Mile Rd., Suite 300 Clawson,MI 48017


The TK Orthodontic staff takes great pride in providing excellent customer service and offers customer and technical support by phone. Pickup and delivery is free with quick appliance turn-around. We also offer 24-hour rush delivery for a fee.

Our appliances:


   +Upper or lower Hawley

   +Hawley with ball clasps, Adams clasps, Solder "C" clasps

   +Acrylic Splint (flat occlusal)

   +3-Way Sagittal Splint

   +Transverse Expansion Appliance

   +Habit-Breaking Appliance

   +Upper and Lower Pressform


   +3-3 Lingual Bonded Bar

   +Palatal Bar - Soldered

   +Porter Arch - Soldered

   +Thumb ‘N Tongue Cribs appliance

   +Mandibular Sagittal Appliance

Additional Services

   +Study Models (finished and unfinished)

   +Tongue Crib in Hawley

   +Expansion Screws

   +Labial Bows

   +Finger Springs

   +Bite Plane Appliance